We are one of the largest mortgage brokers in the UK. We have a well established business that keeps growing every year. This is all down to the quality of our staff and the loyalty of our customers. We are dedicated to developing our staff and are always looking for new team members who want to grow with us.

The team we employ is first and foremost made up of people who care about doing a really good job and have a natural tendency to be helpful and treat our customers like people, not numbers. For us, it is all about having staff with the right attitude to teamwork and being focused on going the extra mile to help our customers.

We often have job opportunities and we always look to promote someone from within our team, before we look outside the business to recruit. Our core company goals are to ensure that we have a happy working environment and job satisfaction for everyone, and to provide an excellent customer experience. We have fun, but we are totally serious when it comes to customer satisfaction.

What I like most about working for New Homes Mortgage Services is looking forward to walking into work every morning into a consistently positive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere!

- Team Member 2

What I like most about working for New Homes Mortgage Services is that the work I do every day makes a difference to peoples’ lives. It’s exciting to be part of a company that makes a difference.

- Team Member 1
Red House

We often have vacancies for Advisors, Mortgage Administration, Account Managers and Customer Liason Managers.  If you woudl like to join the team, please send your CV to Becky Carroll