July 2022 Market Update

July 2022 Market Update Market Update By autumn 2022 inflation is expected to hit around 10%, driven mainly by energy and food price rises. The Bank of England has been increasing interest rates, with the most recent rise in June 2022, when the base rate went up to 1.25% from 1.00%. Fixed rate mortgage If […]

Cost-of-living worries? Check out our cost-cutting tips!

Cost-of-living worries? Check out our cost-cutting tips! The cost-of-living crisis is a constant worry for families as household bills continue to rise. So, where do you begin with getting control over your expenses? We’ve compiled useful budgeting tips to help you stay on top of your spending. How can I reduce my energy bills? There […]

Find happiness in the beauty of nature with garden design trends for summer 2022.

Find happiness in the beauty of nature with garden design trends for Summer 2022. We are in the summer season, which has brought some fresh design trends. For most of the year, our design style focuses on the insides of our home. However, summer brings excitement to outdoor living and why shouldn’t this extension of […]

How much is my house worth?

How much is my house worth? If you’re thinking of selling your home, releasing equity to make home improvements, or simply curious to know what your current homes valuation is for a remortgage, one of the first questions you’re probably thinking is how do I find out how much my house is worth? We’ve created this useful […]

Deposit Guide

As a first-time buyer, it can often feel overwhelming when trying to save a deposit for your first home. Did you know there are government-backed savings plans to help you get there faster? We have years of experience helping customers purchase properties using a variety of Government schemes. If you’re thinking of getting on the property […]

Credit Score Tips

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a home mover, a high credit score can make a huge difference when applying for a mortgage for your new home.   What is a credit score? Your credit score is based on how you’ve handled money in the past. It is a three-digit number that reflects how reliable you […]


The news around energy prices is a worry for lots of families right now and having little control over this can be stressful. We’re here with our top energy saving tips to help take back some control over the situation Ditch the tumble dryer – with the warmer spring weather let’s make the most of […]

Spring décor trends

Wanting to update your home but not sure where to start? Spring is a great time to breathe some new life into your home décor, and we’re noticing a trend in pastel, airy hues that couldn’t be more perfect for the season! Spring colours Dulux’ Colour of the year for 2022 is Bright Skies, which […]

Property Outlook 2022

We are in a much stronger property market in 2022. Buyer demand is up 49% compared to the previous three years and the housebuilding sector has continued to recover from the disruption caused during the pandemic. Property supply was constrained since the pandemic started, however, supply levels are showing signs they are starting to recover […]

Founding partner retires

John Wakefield to retire after 26 years at Newhomes John started his career in retail banking over 40 years ago. He moved to the Woolwich Building Society as a Trainee Manager, and then he went on to have an extremely successful career, before leaving to help set up and launch New Homes Mortgage Services as […]